34 Rednecks Winning at Rednecking

Rednecks are a controversial group. Often criticized for their beliefs behaviors, the term is sometimes used in a derogatory manner to mean dumb and uncivilized. This means that people fail to appreciate them for the immense value they bring to society for doing what they do best: Innovating to the highest degree using the materials around them, and giving absolutely zero f**ks in the process. Here are 34 rednecks doing just that.

Hopefully this gallery and ones like it can help shift the narrative for people who who think of rednecks in such a critical manner. Because while the photos and memes here do nothing to dispel some of the stereotypes, what they do is help us to view those stereotypes in a different light. After all, the best and smartest philosophers throughout history have all tried to figure out the meaning of life and the secret to happiness. They all failed. But they never tried a little bit of chicken fried, or a cold beer on a Friday night. No, that was the rednecks.
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