56 Dank And Dirty Memes To Get You Going

What's up, ladies and gents? Are you ready for some memes of the dank and dirty variety? Well, I certainly hope so because in this selection of very spicy and borderline obscene memes, there is absolutely nothing that is off-limits, so you're damn near certain to chuckle and possibly have your jimmies rustled. These funny and dank memes will appeal to your more x-rated tastes...or perhaps they may make you reconsider your sense of humor!

Why not let yourself unwind and relax a little as you definitely deserve a break! Put things out of your mind for a few seconds, whether it's school, job, or just the chaos and unpredictability of the world, because a) they're not going anywhere, and b) you deserve a breather and some peace and quiet. So grab a snack or your favorite beverage and, if only for a few seconds, forget about the rest of the world.
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