67 Hilarious and WTF Fails of Epic Proportions

Life can be tricky, unpredictable, and straight-up chaotic at times. Even when it seems like everything is going your way and it's all finally coming together, life can strike out of nowhere. We've all experienced fails in one form or another. Maybe it was a dangerous or dumb thing you tried that got you hurt, maybe it was a crappily designed product that failed to live up to the hype about its expectations. One thing is for certain, that as long as we are still breathing the potential for those whoopsie or 'are you freaking kidding me' moments is always there.

Check out this extra-large and hilarious serving of pics and fails where people got hit with a sobering dose of life giving them the 'ole middle finger. Now I'm not saying it's entirely or even at all their fault but there is something kind of comforting in knowing that you're not the only one the universe occasionally flips the bird to.
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