48 Fascinating Photos For Your Gandergobs

The world is a fascinating place to visit. Who'd have guessed that the primates who dropped from the trees, naked and relatively weak, would one day rule over a glittering empire of supermarkets, memes, and celebrity boxing matches? Nonetheless, here we are. We're just a bunch of under-taloned primates making do in the world we made together.

And the strange thing about this strange universe is how big it truly is; you might get the feeling that the globe is small, that no stone has been left unturned -- and you'd be forgiven for it. After all, we've mapped the globe, memorized all the capitals, seen all the biggest animals -- and all from the comfort of our own homes.

Seemingly, apart from the next batch of dank memes and whatever video game we're waiting to drop, there's nothing new to look forward to. Not anymore. And, fortunately, you'd be mistaken.

The gallery below is but one example of how strange, fascinating, and, most importantly, random our world is.
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