47 Funny Photos to Flick Through Fast

It's impossible to predict what each new day may bring. The world is a wild, strange, amazing place bursting at the seams with the absurd, and no one can anticipate what is beyond the curve, no matter how hard scientists, mystics, and weathermen have tried for millennia.

So don't do that. Allow yourself to be free of the anxiety and stress that comes with attempting to anticipate the future and simply enjoy the current moment. Take a look at the cool mix of fun, amusing, and WTF that's floating about the top of the internet down below. Because, as time goes on, nothing beats the unexpected when it comes to breaking up boredom.

So, the next time you're hiding in the bathroom stall at work or looking for something to do on the long ride home, take a leisurely cruise through the rogue's gallery of the fun and the strange down below.
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