49 Fun Randoms to Spice up the Day

Here goeth another batch of randoms for thine eyes to peruse through at your leisure. With the internet as weird as wide as it is, sifting through it all for the interesting things that make it great can be quite a task for the average person. Sure, there's an argument that the internet, in its entirety, is the most singularly interesting thing that ever happened to the human race. But it's well-saturated now and picking out your premium pics takes more time than most people have.

That's where randoms galleries like the one down below come in handy. When boredom comes a-knocking and you find yourself in some serious need of chillness-inducing, interest-piquing fun but don't know exactly what you're looking for, a leisurely scroll through a mixed bag of fun is just the visual tonic you need. And, if your boredom's putting up fierce resistance, you can always opt for even more random.
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