An Extra Large Serving of Random Pics to Enjoy

As you begrudgingly make your way through the workday, it is important to take a few moments here and there to give yourself a breather. Work (or school) can be stressful on its own, let alone dealing with an overbearing boss (or professor), annoying coworkers, or just the annoying intricacies of working in general. A short impromptu break can be just the perfect thing to give your mind a few moments to destress and help you refocus so you don't pull your hair out.

So kick back in your chair and hit the pause button on work for a couple of moments and browse your way through this healthy serving of odd, interesting, and cool photos that we hope you enjoy. Consider it a digital smorgasbord of sorts, a buffet of visual delights to help make the day go by a little quicker, and your work suck just a little bit less.
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