50 Fun Randoms to Obliterate Boredom

The world has so much going on all at once that it is certifiably impossible for any one person to capture it all. Try as you might, there's a reason companies are constantly engaged in a fight for even a few seconds of attention -- for every one thing you stop to admire, ten thousand other things pass by in the stream of the internet unnoticed.

And it's a shame. Because the internet is bursting at the seams with cool stuff and startling sights to take in. Be it hilariously dank memes, wtf pics, funny photos or cursed images, there's a veritable banquet of fun stuff to perceive -- but how do you choose?

The answer is you don't. You kick back and relax with a smattering of rapid-fire coolness like the awesome choice pics down below. That way you have a nice, cool cross-section of all the goodness floating atop the internet at any given moment. Enjoy.
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