50 Choice Randoms For Your Weekly Enjoyment

The world is a magical place. Full of wonder and WTF, there's a nigh-unlimited number of stunning sights to see on our weird little blue rock and not enough time to see them all. Not enough time. What with work, bills, family and friends to attend to, it becomes all to easy to forget how to let our minds wander through the maze of the world.

That's why it's important for a regular, extra-sized dose of awesome to put a shock a to your system and remind you that the world isn't just a commute and the different varieties of four-walls you inhabit for chunks of time. No, it's a wild place full of weird, cool sh*t. You never know what might strike your fancy.

So, whenever you're in between the mundane, take a gander through a variety pack of what the world has to offer -- it might just give you some ideas for some real-world fun you never thought of. Or at least a chuckle while you take a paid dump at work.
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