44 Unhinged Posts From the Nextdoor App

Nextdoor is the neighborhood community app that is used for community functions, to buy and sell items, update neighbors on news and issues within the neighborhood, etc. It unfortunately also lets entitled Karen's, borderline crazy neighbors, and bored housewives post any and everything that comes to their mind. From complaints about cars on the street, to strange happenings in the neighborhood, to downright conspiratorial rants, there is no shortage of WTF entertainment on the app. More recently it has almost become a knock-off Facebook for some of the older folks among us. Going off on political tangents, raising hell about pets in the neighborhood, and of course, complaining about the youth they see in the neighborhood.

Check out this batch of funny, bizarre, and straight-up weird posts spotted on the app that may just finally convince you that NextDoor is a lawless wasteland in the otherwise well-patroled landscape of social media apps and sites.
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