52 Randoms To Activate Your Laughter

It can be challenging to stay on top of everything when there is so much going on in the world. The little things that slip by us unnoticed amid the barrage of dramatic news and ominous predictions. The absolute unpredictable nature of the human race is what makes it such a marvel. All the time, all the time, we do odd stuff. The quirky, haphazard, and surprising things we do are what give life that tiny "kick" we refer to as variety.

This is why it's crucial to keep in mind to look at an intriguing cross-section of the peculiar things that people have shared, if only to gain a glimpse of the human race in its raw and unadulterated state. at all the peculiar, fascinating, and entertaining things we do. Because if you don't, the world can persuade you that it's more dull and boring than it actually is.

Because it really, truly, isn't. 
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