35 Pics and Memes in Honor of 'the Old Man' We Call Dad

Fathers Day is here and hopefully, you already have a card and gift for your pops and not scrambling around last minute to grab some crappy last-minute CVS or Walgreens gadget. After all, the man did help bring you into the world and raise you in it. Sure maybe he wasn't perfect, maybe he didn't know everything like he made it sound, but if you were lucky enough to have your father in your life it is something worth showing some appreciation for.

So take a couple of minutes and scroll through this big batch of funny and relatable memes about that special man in our lives we affectionately refer to as Dad, Pops, the old man, or whatever other terms of endearment you may refer to him by. There is no handbook or cheat sheet for raising kids, so I'm sure he did the best he could.
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