51 Funny Memes That Hit You with a Dose of Harsh Reality

If you're not meme-ing your way through Hump day, what are you doing? Just sitting there looking at the untucked corner of your shirt wondering where that little green stain came from?

According to ancient internet wisdom, before people had memes to rule their lives, they had to do things like chat with chat bots and spin the free AOL disc around their finger for a while until something cool happened. Thankfully we've evolved since then.

What you got here is a solid collection of memes and jokes for a real good time. Some Spongebob references and even a nice Chuck Norris one thrown in for good measure. What a guy, that Chuck Norris is.

So if you're not sure what to do until the sun goes down, just start scrolling and don't stop until your fingers go numb. And be careful about scrolling while on the toilet, because you could stand up, lose your balance, and fall into the bowl.

Spend your time wisely by clicking here.
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