57 Fun Fascinating Photos For Your Eyes Only

You turn the key and unlock the door. A foot-wide slab of black iron, the door glides into the chamber with surprising grace. Inside is only pitch blackness -- until your hand finds a switch on the wall. The fluorescent lights flicker on.

And you stifle a scream.

Lining the chamber are huge, cylindrical tanks, stretching floor-to-ceiling. Suspended in bubbling, blueish liquid, you see living, breathing Cool Pics, Choice Fun Pics, and Cool Randoms -- each one as breathtaking as the next. At the center of the room a variety of scientific instruments rest on plain steel tables. Pliers. Beakers. Benson burners. Other indecipherable contraptions.

What has your cousin been up to? How has he hidden this away and for how long? It dawns on you. This must be why he's been spending so much time visiting grandma and grandpa these past few months. He wasn't spending it upstairs helping around -- he was down here, in their basement, converting it into... whatever this is... and performing twisted experiments on these captive Cool Pics and Fascinating Photos.

But they are beautiful aren't they. You could almost understand why your cousin would keep such rare and beautiful specimens under lock and chain. You frown. As if guided by some unseen hand, you lock the door behind with a final click and turn.

These are for your eyes only, now.
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