59 Awesome Choice Pics To Raise Your Fun Level

The world is a weird place. Nobody's debating that. Chock full of people -- arguably too many people -- all going about their weird lives with smartphones and high-resolution cameras in their pockets, it comes as little surprise that we have eyes just about everywhere at this point. Social media has become the compound eye of the weird and WTF, an endless banquet of random for us to dive into at any moment.

Down below is a boatload of random choice pics for you to sink your teeth into whenever the urge strikes you. Whether it's during your commute, during a paid dump at work or while working on a wind turbine high above a remote stretch of farmland, a big bag of random like the one below is excellent for taking the edge off your day. It's a much-needed way to unwind.

And, with the headlines do their best to depress the sh*t out of you, it's good to take a break every once in awhile and dive into a pool of cool with no agenda other than being a whole lot of fun.
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