61 Cool Pics to Obliterate Boredom

Boredom can be a difficult beast to slay. Not as difficult as that twenty-legged super octopus (icosapus?) that our R&D team developed at the old eBaums office, of course, but difficult nonetheless. That thing cost us four and a half interns.

We haven't spent so many interns to fix a mistake since we accidentally slew the oligarchs of a pocket dimension where offering a handshake is the only way to slay its otherwise immortal inhabitants. Good thing we had a few extra interns that summer -- I'm sure they're doing well. Sure, we had to seal them in a pocket dimension where they were tasked with ruling a hyper-advanced civilization they knew essentially nothing about, leaving behind a slew of friends and family they will never see again.

But we had to do something right? These galleries aren't going to feature themselves. Besides, we're not monsters. We told their family that they were torn apart by wolves during our yearly eBaums super secret camping trip we tell nobody about and leave no evidence of.
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