64 Fun Filled Killer Pics To Make Your Week

You never know what each new day will bring. The world is a random, weird, wonderful place just bursting at the seams with the absurd and, though scientists, mystics and weathermen have tried for millennia, there's no way to predict what lay beyond the bend.

So don't. Free yourself of the worry and anxiety that comes with trying to predict the future and simply enjoy the present. Take a gander at the cool cross-section of all things fun, funny and WTF floating around the top of the internet down below. Because, as time will continue to tell, there's nothing better at alleviating boredom than the unexpected.

So, whenever you're hiding out in the bathroom stall at work next or looking for a distraction from your life during the long commute home, feel free to take a leisurely scroll through the rogue's gallery down below of the fun and the random.
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