19 Barbenheimer Memes That Capture the Duality of Mankind

She’s everything. He’s just … the "father of the atomic bomb"?

On July 21, Barbie,  Greta Gerwig’s weirdly existential summer romp and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, a gritty biopic detailing the invention of the nuclear bomb, will go head to head for box-office supremacy. Yet instead of drawing dividing lines, pitting those passionate about life in plastic against atomic weaponry enthusiasts, these disparate flicks have managed to do the impossible, uniting ironic shitposters into what has already been dubbed the most important double feature in the history of cinema.

Known colloquially as “Barbenheimer,” several film fans have blocked out roughly five hours – two for Barbie and three for Oppenheimer, which as Christopher Nolan so descriptively put it, will be “kissing three hours”– to savor the highest highs and lowest lows modern cinema has to offer. Yet more so than spiking ticket sales, this strange juxtaposition has launched a metric fuckton of memes showcasing just how hyped cinephiles are for this cinematic experience.

From the proper order to watch each flick to feeling the Oppenheimer radiation in the Barbie theater,  here are some of our favorite memes about our soon-to-be favorite double feature event. 

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