Big Fat Dump Of 77 Random Memes

Probably more memes than you need. But here are a bunch more, just in case.

Whoa, watch out, there are so many memes! Too many memes you ask? No, of course not! There's no such thing as too many memes once you've resigned yourself to a life of internet browsing. You need more memes all the time, you can never have enough memes, even if all you did every waking moment was ingest memes you still would not even crack the surface of the endless memes still out there to consume! The memes are infinite, and like the universe it is impossible for man to discover it all, yet that very fact triggers the natural explorer in him and means he just can't stop exploring, just like you can't stop looking at memes! The memes will never stop, and that means you can't either, because those memes are out there, they deserve to be seen, and somebody has to do it.
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