Boss Demands Employees Stay Late, Horrified by Overtime Requests

The thing about forcing your staff to work overtime is that they might expect to be compensated for it. Ridiculous, I know. THe audacity of a fully grown adult to expect to be paid for the time they're selling to you is a shame. Especially when you have the Gods and Karen-dom to appease.

One store manager learned this unfortunate fact of life the hard way, when they forced a pair of seemingly hard-working employees to work overtime. After discovering a rather unwelcome one-star Google review, the store manager slapped the employees with a big, fat, succulent wad of "the customer is always right" and ordered them to work past their hourly timings.

The two workers, rather ungraciously, for some reason expected to be paid for that overtime, which seems to have caught the store manager by surprise. Especially when that overtime ran into 5+ hour mark, following each and every one of the store manager's instructions to the T.
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