Stubborn Boss Ignores Employee's Suggestion and Lives to Regret it

Nothing can ruin a good job or pleasant workplace environment like a stubborn boss. Even the best of jobs can be complicated or made worse by someone who can't listen to anyone other than themselves. It is kind of ironic and almost comical when you think about it. People get hired by a company because they stand out from the crowd or the other candidates, yet their ideas and suggestions often go unheard because the higher-ups "just know better". Many studies and polls have actually shown that companies considering the suggestions and ideas of their employees not only have happier employees but often see successes from the suggestions of said employees.

A Redditor shared a story of how his boss wouldn't listen to his advice about the deep discounts he wanted to give to a very rich client and how badly it could affect the business. Through malicious compliance, his boss had to learn a lesson the hard way.
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