Restaurant Owner Quickly Shut Down Needy Woman's Excessive Request

If you have ever worked in the food industry, service industry, or perhaps retail / customer service, you have almost undoubtedly experienced the dreaded entitled customer. There's an old saying "give them an inch and they'll take a mile" and boy do some people really live up to that theory. Some people just have excessive or extremely unrealistic demands that are almost nonsensical in nature. I know they say the customer is always right, but there has to be some sort of limit to their requests.

Take this woman for example. She claims she has some dietary restrictions, and these days most restaurants are happy to accommodate these requests or have options on the menu that fit most dietary needs. This customer took it a step above and beyond with a request that if she can't just sit around and drink, she'll need a special 8-course meal added to the menu.

The PAZAR Food Collective dealt quickly with a customer from hell. Who shares an email account with their dad?
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