Company Won't Let Employee Take Single Vacation Day, So He Takes 920 Hours Worth Instead

There are some employees bosses can pull a fast one over, and some employees they can't. As multiple comments on this r/MaliciousCompliance post point out, "Don't f with the IT guy," "Dont f with the guy willing to work the family based holidays," and "Don't f with somebody that holds a ton of knowledge and can't easily be replaced." I think you can see what kind of employee we're dealing with here. 

This guy, his company's long time sole IT man, decided to delay his annual vacation until after the new year to help install some new tech. But when big boss told him the vacation time wouldn't roll over, he decided to flex his might and take 220 hours leave plus 700 hours overtime accrued over many years... all at once. 

"I told them that since Department Head had told me I couldn't transfer the leave I would be taking it this year," he wrote. 

Needless to say, this seasoned workforce vet got his time off, and a 15% raise to go with it. Don't f with the IT guy.

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