Compilation of Satisfying Petty Revenge Stories

Who doesn't love a good tale of vengeance? Getting justice against someone who f***ed with the wrong one is something we can all get behind, so here's a collection of quick but satisfying revenge stories to delight and amuse your inner evil Patrick. Who knows, maybe it'll even inspire you to get your own petty revenge against someone who's wronged you.

Getting revenge is a basic human desire. If someone has wronged you, you can wrong them back. An eye for an eye so to speak. Such desires were the basis of early human justice systems. But we have to be careful. Desire for revenge can overwhelm us and send us down the path of the dark side as is the case with so many movie villains. Therefore, in order to get revenge in a healthy way, we must reserve it for those who have only wronged us a bit, so we can exact our revenge in a small, yet brilliantly joyous petty way, and fulfill our basic human desires.
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