34 Memes That Show Why Dating Sucks

Relationships and dating are some of the most difficult parts of modern society to figure out. Especially for you internet monster neck beards sitting in your moms' basements. Does anybody actually know how to navigate the world of dating apps, and social media relationships? Well maybe only the Tinder Swindler.

It really does seem these days that real human connection, you know, the in person kind required for a stable long term relationship, is dying. Blame the internet, blame social media, blame whoever, but people need to re-learn how to effectively connect with one another again.

If there's one thing I know however, it's that you won't figure out the secret to dating through memes, but since you're here, and there is no other hope for you, please feel free to enjoy this collection of relationship memes that show why they're so difficult. Not that it will make one shred of difference for you. It's probably too late for you anyway.
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