Dead Dad Gets Last Laugh over Bill Collectors

A death in the family is always going to be tough to get through. Especially when it's a parent that passes away.

But when a child is left to clean up after after their father dies, it's an entirely different ballgame. We sometimes tend to forget everything that people leave behind. Whether it's bills or debt, somebody has to tie up the loose ends. Such was the case when redditor, PrincessG66 was attempting to shut down utilities in their late father's name. What ensued was one of the most insane stories of pettiness, and ultimate revenge that I've ever heard. As the saying goes, "play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

We all have heard rumors about internet companies. I can't even count how many friends have said 'Oh just threaten to leave and they'll lower your bill.' In the same light, we all have our nightmare customer service stories, but let me tell you...this one takes the cake.
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