24 Investment Memes From the Big Brains at r/WallStreetBets

If you're into investing at all, you may have come across a few headlines recently about an investing subreddit called r/WallStreetBets. It's been the subject of many headlines lately thanks to the way in which its users drove up the price of GameStop shares in a coordinated squeeze after major investment firms HEAVILY shorted the stock. Those firms lost billions while users on WSB posted their sweet, sweet gains.

WallStreetBets is a haven for a new class of retail investors, where the stock market often becomes a high-stakes poker match between the forum's self-described "autism brain" and extremely influential Wall Street firms.

A few quick terms to remember:

-YOLO/YOLOing: "You Only Live Once" mentality of dropping huge sums into a single, risky play

-Tendies: Slang for profits... which are used to purchase chicken tenders (tendies), aka the food of choice for the (self-described) maladjusted man-children on WSB.

-Rocket emojis: Means the stock is/will be taking off, often accompanied with/substituted with references about going "to the moon."

-Diamond hands: The personal quality of being able to hold your stocks even through dips and highs and not get tempted too early.
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