Designer Trolled IKEA by Just Putting a Giant IKEA Receipt on a Rug

Virgil Abloh, known for getting paid big bucks for writing "words" "in" "quotations" and selling orange plastic tags for hundreds of dollars recently took his trolling to a new level.

When IKEA asked him to design a new rug for them, he just took a picture of an IKEA receipt and printed it on a rug..... Genius.

This stunt is the epitome of lazy design and a reminder that people will buy anything you tell them to, so it's time to start pushing your Uncle Leroy's BBQ sauce onto your friends if you haven't already.

Virgil should speak to school children and tell them the reality: success doesn't come fro working hard or being inventive. It comes from putting forth the least effort and insulting people to their faces. That's the only way to get respect.

Maybe he'll do a CVS receipt next and you can use it to carpet your entire house. Wouldn't that be nice.

Click here for more entitled people being real jerks.
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