Two-Faced Karen Exposed For Filth After Pushing Her Nephew Too Far

Just about every family has that one relative who is a total Karen - pushy, judgmental, completely self-centered. Hopefully, that's not you, but if it is - it's never too late to change!

In this guy's case, it was his aunt who constantly acted as though the world should bend over backward to help her but never once wanted to return the favor. That's bad enough as it is, but this particular aunt Karen was also a two-faced b***h who literally had two different social media accounts just so she could spread her vileness online without being caught by the church group she so proudly attended.

The thing about pushy, nasty bigots like her is that eventually, they push too far. No matter how artful your deceptions might be, it's a universal truth that what goes around eventually and inevitably comes around. After dedicating WAY too much time harassing her nephew over his lifestyle choices, this Karen was finally exposed for what she truly was to everyone around her and it's SO satisfying to see.
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Categories: Ftw Karens


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