Dude Photoshops Leatherface into Black and White Photos

The result of photoshopping a horror legend into iconic photos is both terrifying and hilarious given the situation.

In our endless doom-scroll sessions on the internet, we occasionally come across a diamond in the rough. Enter Donnie Goodman. The man behind his own Twitter movement 'I photoshop Leatherface into a black and white photo everyday until I forget.'

And he hasn't. Donnie is now on day 71 and his photoshop skills are absolutely killer (all pun intended.)

I never knew I needed Leatherface donning full Yankees gear. Humphrey Bogart looking like the icon that he is - standing in front of Rick's Cafe - while Leatherface attacks his unsuspecting victim? Yes, please.

I have no idea where Donnie came up with the idea, but I hope he continues this series for as long as possible. If my childhood wasn't already ruined, Donnie definitely pushed it in that direction with Leatherface photoshopped into the "FOR-EV-ER" scene from 'The Sandlot.'

And for that I wanna say 'Thank you.'
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