Dudes Discuss the Worst Dates They've Ever Been On

I can honestly I'm extremely lucky to have never had an awful date. Sure, I've had dates where there was clearly no chemistry between us, but we both politely indulged each other over coffee and then amicably parted ways. Going on new dates is pretty much the only thing I miss about my single days - I love talking to strangers and getting to know them, and the dating scene was a great way to do that.

Sadly, my experiences are definitely not the norm, and a lot of people out there have had plenty of dating horror stories from dates being solely interested in a free meal to dates that have actually gone home with someone else (ouch!). If you're still single, these stories might just make you want to stay alone for a while. And if you're married like me, they give you a whole new level of appreciation for your spouse.
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