Elevator Repairman Teaches Impatient Karen a Lesson

What is with Karens and thinking they know better than the people who get paid to be experts? An elevator repairman was casually doing his thing in a fairly small building when Karen comes along with her single grocery bag and can't bear the thought of making the arduous and dangerous hike all the way up to her second-floor apartment! Can you IMAGINE the indignity of it all? Rather than just accept that it's gonna be a while and hoof it up the stairs like a big girl, Karen decides to LITERALLY F***ING SIT THERE and wait for the repairs to finish, then tries to sneak in when the repairman isn't looking.

Unbeknownst to her, this is exactly the opportunity the repairman needed to hit her with the ol' "Scared Straight" lesson. This lady is such a Karen that even her own daughter sided with the repair guy and told him to let her suffer a bit so she could learn something.
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