Entitled Client Gets a Full Refund For a Video But Still Thinks They Can Use It

The world these days seems to have a surplus of entitled people, crazy customers, and just straight-up a-holes. To be fair, these have been a very trying couple of years for most of us as we adjust to this new way of life with the pandemic. That still doesn't give anyone the right to act like a jerk and make other people's lives miserable. Take this customer for example. He ordered a video from a freelancing platform and did not contact the videographer with any questions or requests and instead just went ahead with the purchase sight unseen. He even took it a step further and sent some videos his competitors had made calling them "shitty" in an attempt to convey what he did not like or want in his project.

Long story short, the customer wasn't happy with the end product and he got a full refund. In a truly bizarre display of entitlement, the customer thinks he can still use the video (essentially without paying for it) and even threatened to sue the freelance if he takes the video down.
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