Fancy Friday: 20 Sleazy Pics That Will Have Your Eyes Rolling

Fridays are a day to get fancy... just not while you're looking through this gallery. If you're getting ready to put away your work things, get dressed up, and head on out to a nice weekend party, then that's great. Just put that plan on pause for a bit while scrolling through this crazy cluster of trash.

These 21 sleazy pics feature candid public photos, dating app profiles, bumper stickers, and more to paint a truly stinky picture of dirt-bag culture around the country. Do you want to wear a pair of pants that's transparent in just the right parts? Do you want to keep your ankle monitor on no matter how hot and heavy things get? Do you show your mother you love her through urine messages? If you answered yes to any of those, then you might be one of the 20 filthy folks featured here. 

One guy even got a tattoo of his own mugshot on his leg. Is that really the way you want to remember yourself for the rest of your life? And to the people here creating dating profiles, do you think the qualities you're describing are attractive? Unfortunately, judging by the quantity of trash here, it won't matter. 

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