Dude Framed by Former Bosses Completely Blows Their Lives Up

Everyone who has ever worked a job undoubtedly has some horror stories about the workplace, a bad boss, or terrible coworkers. It can be tough to get everyone in an office to gel or be cohesive and sometimes the drama within the workplace just cannot be avoided. Sometimes you don't get accepted into the office "cool kid club" or perhaps your cubical mates have some annoying habits you just cannot stand. Maybe your boss is constantly looking over your shoulder or the office Karen is always calling you out on things. Either way working is part of life and unless you hit the lottery or were born into wealth, most of us have no choice but to work.

After getting wrongfully terminated from the job thanks to a pair of evil managers, this employee decided to keep some records in case they tried making trouble at his next job. While he never actually submitted anything himself, those records ended up getting seen by exactly the right people, and the fallout was truly epic.
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