Ex Flat-Earthers Share the Moment They Realized They Were Wrong

The Flat Earth Theory (or more commonly and more appropriately referred to as the Flat Earth Conspiracy) saw a rise in popularity in recent years despite being proven false all the way back in the 3rd century. Despite all the science, mathematical modeling, and even video and photographic evidence from space, some folks believe we are on a flat disk, floating through space, and somehow the oceans don't drain off over the edges. Even though people can see the moon and the sun are round objects, they still think for some reason earth is a frisbee-shaped object.

Flat-Earthers are a pretty special group of people. Surprisingly, a lot of them are actually fairly smart people who just went a little too deep down a rabbit hole and now they're committed to it. Still, there are some folks who have managed to grow out of it and return to established science. These are their stories.
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