30 Funny Starter Pack Memes that are Too True

Check out some more starter pack memes that'll get you laughing!

The starter pack meme format is one of the most comprehensive forms out there, with the ability to jam so many jokes into one picture. One single starter pack meme could often fuel at least six or seven individual memes if you wanted to space them out, but stacking one single meme with so many jokes under the same umbrella just takes this particular format to the next level.

Part of what makes memes funny is their ability to take easily recognizable and relatable things, and make fun of them within a certain format, or putting them over an established format. The starter pack simply skips this, making the joke itself the meme, with the only format being to absolutely roast the heck out of whatever group you have decided put on blast. Enjoy this fantastic collection of starter pack memes, and hopefully you don't fall into any of these categories.
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