French Postal Worker Who Refused to Help American Has Rude Awakening

If you're going to be rude and purposefully make other people's lives worse, then you deserve all the petty revenge coming your way. This story has a happy ending though not all do.

Let's set the stage. An American woman is in France with her French husband and she goes out on an errand while he's asleep. She want's to buy stamps. But when she arrives at the post office the French workers ignore her and are just generally rude and unhelpful. So she goes and wakes up her hubby and brings him down to give them a taste of their own medicine.

In the end, she doesn't end up buying any stamps, but she does walk away with the reward of knowing that she was the most petty person in the post office that day. And for that, we have to tip our hats.

More more petty stories and earned takedowns, visit, r/pettyrevenge and check out Failblog.
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