Girl Considered 'Slow' Reader Crushes Schoolwide Reading Competition as Revenge

The best way to shut up your haters is to absolutely destroy their expectations with a smile on your face.

Having been greatly underestimated by a teacher myself, I relate to this girl's story SO hard. I too had a horrible English teacher in high school, and when it came time to select our advanced classes for junior and senior year, she insisted that I would be better off in the lower level English classes as opposed to the advanced class I wanted to take. My parents had my back though, and I was placed into the advanced class which, thankfully, she didn't teach.

The thing is, I only did poorly in her class because she was a garbage teacher who regularly missed the point of the books she was teaching. The advanced class teacher was the exact opposite. In the end, guess who won the English Department Award for Excellence at graduation?

Ms. Craig, if you're reading this, f**k you for nearly ruining my love of literature!
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