Rude Guest Tries to Ruin Desk Clerk's Life Because She's Bored, It Backfires Spectacularly

People who try to ruin other people's lives just for kicks 100% deserve to have their own lives ruined. I can't even imagine living that way - there are so many other fun things to do in life. I mean, s**t, have you even tried playing Red Dead 2? S**t's awesome. Or go learn to cook, or get drunk, or get laid (or all three if you're ambitious). Seriously, there are literally SO many better ways to spend your time than trying to deliberately ruin someone's day and potentially destroy their life.

And yet, that's what this lady chose. She chose to make trouble just for the sake of making trouble and having something to do while on a business trip. Well, what goes has a habit of coming around, and she got caught red-handed. Instead of getting the hotel clerk sacked as she intended, she's the one who ended up holding the bag.
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