Heavy Metal Meets Taxidermy on Insane Instagram Page

Belgian photography and taxidermy duo, Mothmeister is the most insanely stunning Instagram account we've ever seen. Follow them yesterday.

The artistic duo have built their account around their passion for both the art of photography, animals, and storytelling. They also take inspiration from post-mortem photography - the practice of taking photos of loved ones who have died - and placing them in normal everyday settings.

Mothmeister has both an Etsy store where their photos can be purchased, as well as two books. Their photos have been commissioned to be used by band's and artists for album covers. They also collaborate with other creators when at all possible. Most of the masks and dolls that are used in these photos have been created by fellow artists.

As you can see from the gallery, the setting is also very important. Favorite locations for shooting include Iceland, Argentina, and New Zealand. Their work can be seen on Facebook, Instagram, and by visiting their Etsy page.
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