HOA Karen Illegally Fines Homeowner, Gets Schooled in Court

It seems that some HOA board members think they are the supreme rulers of the neighborhood. These people who threaten their own neighbors with fines over the color of their recycle bin, a dirty fence, or grass being a little high, have been well-documented. It's no secret that those who seek power but lack mental stability frequently end themselves on HOA boards and in middle management because doing so provides them a sense of control they could never achieve on their own. Because they are unable to better themselves, these broken people feel the need to make you feel inferior.

Anyway, their HOA was fining this person for ridiculous things. It turns out that they were never authorized to do that, so they might as well have been signing notices with diarrhea ink and pulling them out of their asses. They dressed in suits and watched the program. Because it was posted online by a complete stranger, this is obviously not legal advice.
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