Hot Wheels and Barney: The Mattel Cinematic Universe Is Upon Us

The power that the MCU has on the entertainment industry is frightening. So many productions are running simultaneously and they’re being directed by some of the brightest independent film talent.  We’re talking about the Mattel Cinematic Universe. What other company with record-breaking box office profits would you think about?

Of course, Barbie, which premiered last week to beautiful praise, was not the only IP that Mattel was producing. Back in 2021, the company announced a bunch of toy brands that were gonna get their spotlight on the silver screen.

We have Barney which will star Oscar-award-winning actor, Daniel Kaluuya. There’s the Polly Pocket movie that Lily Collins will produce and star in with Lena Dunham directing.  And a live-action Thomas the Tank Engine is in production (because that certainly won’t fuel any children’s nightmares).

While these were announced two years ago, the success of Barbie has Mattel reminding audiences of what is to come. It almost didn’t matter if Barbie was a success or not, you are gonna get the Uno movie and you are gonna like it!

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