'House of the Dragon' Episode 2 Memes *Spoilers*

*Warning: Spoilers* Episode two of 'House of the Dragon', 'The Rogue Prince' premiered last night with crabs eating prisoners tied to posts in the sand. The main storylines included child brides, incest, and a king who is about to get stabbed in the back by everyone he trusts most.

Game of Thrones fans who long for the days of brutal death scenes and depiction of 'righteous' violence are probably feeling a bit disappointed with last night's episode. Episode two spends most of its runtime on King Visery's choice of who to marry now that his wife has died and he has sufficiently grieved. The obvious and dare we say the safe choice is to marry 12-year-old Lady Laena, but at the last minute, the King decides instead to marry 15-year-old Alicent Hightower. What a good guy.

After two episodes we don't have much hope for the show. We know Milly Alcock, who plays a young Princess Rhaenyra will eventually be replaced by Emma D'Arcy who plays an older Princess Rhaenyra. So expect some faces to change next week.
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