In Poland People Cosplay as Americans and the Pics Are Wild

Leave it to the Polish (the US of Europe) to have an appreciation for the finer things in life, like light beer and cut-off jean shorts. The bright minds behind the LARP call themselves the 4th of July LARP and get together every summer donning their most American fits for a day of good old trolling.

We aren't upset and no are undies ain't in no bunches, because if we're being honest these LARPers really pull their looks off. If you're American you have certainly seen every stereotype on display here. From the 'guy with a sign' to 'I swear I wasn't drinking the Polish minds behind this project sure did their research.

It's hard to choose a favorite among them, but if we had to it probably be a tie between #5 and #15. If you didn't tell me this was a LARP I would have believed these people were as American as cherry pie.
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