25 Rich Kids Who Are Infuriatingly Out of Touch

For the majority of people, the idea of being "rich" usually just means being comfortable - having a decent house and car, all your bills paid, family is taken care of, regular family vacations to nice places, and a little left behind for savings and investments. Not having to scrimp and save for an unexpected emergency like a trip to the hospital or a broken-down vehicle. Just being able to live the day to day without getting migraines when thinking about your finances, balances owed, and bills coming due. For most of us just not having to live paycheck to paycheck would make us feel "rich".

For douchey rich kids who were essentially born with a silver spoon in their mouths, however, the "basics" of life are VERY different from most people. They have to constantly have the newest gadgets, most luxurious vacations, fanciest of cars, the list goes on and on. Perhaps what makes it so annoying is the fact that it's not even their money nor did they do anything to contribute to their wealth, while the rest of us live hand to mouth.
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