39 Manly Memes to Send Your Buddies

These memes understand what it's like to be a dude - they were made by the dudes, for the dudes, and of the dudes.

What does that even mean? Well, we've all heard the term 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' and in many ways that does ring true. There are some things like that women just seem to naturally be better at - like knowing the name of every single one of the 263 shades of makeup in their kit by heart. To this day I have no idea what 'chartreuse' is, but my wife sure as hell does. What she calls 'salmon/coral,' my dumb a-- calls 'pinkish-orange.' I look at something and say 'ah, yes, nice gold-ish color" while she tut-tuts and corrects me by letting me know it's called 'champagne sunset.'

Anyway, these memes are made for you and me and anyone else (male or female) who tends to think a lot more with the 'Mars' energy than the 'Venus' one.
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