Karen Boss Doesn't Accept Resignation, Takes Day Off to go Shopping

How stupid can people be? Here's a bit of advice for those of you who run companies or who manage people. Don't be surprised when the employees who work hard, and make your company successful want some dignity and free time in return for their hard work. And furthermore, don't be surprised when those same employees find greener pastures when you treat them like dirt.

This story comes to us from the SubReddit r/Antiwork and it's a prime example of a boss who isn't emotionally capable of doing her job. Instead of dealing with her employee she drops her work and takes the day to go shopping. Especially when the employee who was handing in her resignation was offering a 4-week grace period. Well, that was thrown out the window and now you can bet they're sh*t out of luck. This is why they say a company is only as strong as the people who comprise it.
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