Karen Demands Neighbor Pay Vet Bills After Her Dog Ate Food From Their Yard

So let's get this story straight here. Your dog came into my yard and ate something it found on the ground. And you, want me to pay for your pet bills? I think not Karen!

You can't get more entitled than this Karen right here, who demanded that her neighbor pay for her vet bills after her dog wandered into their yard and ate something he shouldn't have. How do people get like this? Well, that's a question for another day.

The moral of this story is that when your crazy neighbors demand you do something, just close the door in their face and let them yell at your peephole. Because if there were me, I wouldn't have even opened the door.

So without jumping to a conclusion read through the story and decide if you think this woman made the right decisions and let us know in the comments how you would have handled the situation if it were you.
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