Karen Wants to Speak to a Manager, Lady Happily Obliges

We all know that one person, who just has to find something to complain about, no matter what it is or how tiny and minuscule a detail. Maybe the food took a little too long to arrive, or perhaps something with the order was wrong. Things that most of us overlook or don't cause a big deal about, but some people just cannot let them go. Perhaps whining and complaining are built into them at a DNA or molecular level, or maybe it's just how some people are raised, either way, it usually makes things annoying and awkward for the rest of us.

Maybe it's time to change the rules of retail work so that Karens can stop pulling idiotic power plays like this. After a fellow customer calls her out for her rudeness, this Karen starts demanding to speak to her manager... even though the lady doesn't work there! Well, Karen, ask and ye shall receive.
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